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Christmas Traditions

December 19, 2022
Christmas Traditions

With Christmas Breeze in the air, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! A special time in Cayman, where elements of a Traditional Cayman Christmas are still carried through the generations, and embraced by all. Some traditions include:

  • Backing Sand - back in the day, locals would carry white sand from the beach in large thatch woven baskets and use vibrant pink conch shells to decorate their front yards. Now, tradition is carried through colourful Christmas lights.
  • Food - Christmas Beef Stew, heavy cake baking, and delicious local produce! Need we say more...
  • Church Services & Music - During this season, Churches provide many special services and the community gathers in worship. Music is brought to life throughout the festive season during Christmas carols, concerts, dancing, and parties. 
  • Family Time - Perhaps, most importantly, friends and family are brought together and cherished. It was the time of year when many of Cayman’s seamen returned home for the holidays, to spend time back in Cayman with their loved ones.


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