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Options for Cayman Residency

April 16, 2021
Options for Cayman Residency

It’s important for us at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Cayman Islands, especially because of our concierge service philosophy, that we are knowledgeable and have the contacts to help our clients with whatever they need for their investments. A key part of purchasing property in the Cayman Islands is, of course, Immigration. 

We sat down for a “lunch and learn” with Samantha Bartley, Immigration Services Manager and Property Specialist Oscar DaCosta, Law Associate to talk options for Cayman residency. 

During our session, we spoke in general terms about options for residency where Samantha outlined the nine bases for Cayman residency. This ranged from becoming employed by an existing employer in Cayman on a work permit all the way to obtaining a certificate of permanent residence for persons of independent means. We also spoke about “Residency on the Basis of Investment in Cayman Islands Real Estate”, as the government encourages investment in real estate when seeking to obtain residency on this basis. 

Navigating the Cayman Islands immigration options can be tedious and depends on the particular circumstance of each client. In addition, immigration acts are always evolving, that’s why we always recommend our clients to speak with immigration professionals.

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