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Classy, Caribbean Holidays – Decorate your Home with Style

December 06, 2019
Classy, Caribbean Holidays – Decorate your Home with Style

Just because you live on a sunny island and don’t live in the mountains or a experience a change in seasons, doesn’t mean you can’t share the joy of a festive holiday home. There are plenty of ways to decorate your beach house for Christmas. Here are ways you can make the holidays feel unique and warm in your sanctuary – just like the weather.

  • Experiment with colours – while traditional colours are red and green, don’t be afraid to use coastal colours like turquoise, teal and baby blue in your tree! The combination of blues can really bring a stunning, tasteful addition to your home this Christmas.
  • Big and bold décor – throw in some large Christmas ornaments and watch your tree come to life. Choose large statement pieces to bring life to your tree or throughout your home.
  • Starfish and sand dollars – you can utilise fake starfish and sand dollars to decorate your home, whether you decide to use them as tree ornaments or toppers or to spruce up with glitter and place around your home, these classy Caribbean signatures fit right in for the holidays.
  • Decorate your palm trees – nothing screams Caribbean Christmas like a lit palm tree! If you have fake palms in your home or real ones outside, brighten them up with white or coloured Christmas lights.
  • Spruce up your wreath – your front door is the first thing your guests see! You can use silver thatch or palm leave to create a beautiful door wreath. Thrown in added decorations like coloured balls and shells to truly make it stand out.
  • Mix classic and contemporary – don’t just stick to traditional tree ornaments, think outside the box by throwing in small pieces from the sea in your tree like shells, (dead and cleaned) sea fans and sea glass. Whatever colours you choose, you’ll be able to incorporate these classy pieces on your tree or throughout your home.

Decorating for Christmas should be fun. Bring your family together this December to turn your island home into a classy, “winter” wonderland.


Keep checking our blog for more tips on decorating your home all year round. Happy Holidays from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Cayman Islands!

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